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What if your child could get their dream college to stand up and really take notice of their application?

Help them discover the extraordinary writer within and write a personal statement that exceeds what they thought they were capable of and that will stand out from all the rest! 

With your encouragement, your child can follow a simple unified step-by-step method that will eliminate stress and enable your student to produce an essay that they will remember for years to come!


Is your child feeling uncertain about what college admissions committees are really looking for in their personal statement?


Is your child procrastinating writing their personal statement because they just aren’t sure how to get started?

Self Doubt

Is your child unable to move forward with conviction because he or she thinks their personal statement could be the weak link in their application?

What If It Didn't Have To Be That Way?

Go from feeling like writing the personal statement might be a confusing and overwhelming process to feeling confident, in control and knowing exactly what to do.  Through our unified step-by-step ACE method (Accumulate, Create & Elevate), we will help your student discover the extraordinary writer within to write an essay that exceeds what he or she thought they were capable of and that will make college admissions committees take notice!


Princeton College Consulting's

Write Your Way Into College

A comprehensive essay writing program that will help students ACE their personal statement.

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Our mission is to help demystify and simplify the personal statement writing process and boost your  student's confidence so she can create a personal statement that will stand out from the crowd!

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Peter Tilles, Co-Founder

With over 30 years as a senior corporate executive and entrepreneur turned educator; for more than a decade Peter has successfully navigated hundreds of students and their families through the highly competitive college admissions process and the thousands of essays that come along with that.

Understanding that the essay writing process, like the admissions process overall is an exercise in authentically revealing one’s character, Peter has taught students how to shine a light of truth on their own character strengths and values that come from their own life experiences and the resulting stories they tell.

Wanting to share his experience with students more broadly and wanting to simplify the personal statement writing process for students, Peter and Ben have created the Write Your Way Into College program.

Ben Caldarelli, Co-Founder

A passionate educator for 17 years, Benjamin is recognized as one of the country's premier college essay coaches. Having helped students write thousands of essays, he knows how transformative the process can be. By teaching how to connect the dots between experiences, values and goals; Benjamin helps his students conceptualize and tell their most compelling stories. A graduate of the University of Illinois and trained at Harvard's Institute on College Admissions, Benjamin now lives in New York City.

The Amazing Results Our Students Are Getting

We have taken the last 10 years of our experience working directly with students on thousands of essays and from that we have created the ACE method to simplify the personal statement writing process. Here is what a few of our students had to say:

Ben D.
(Admitted to Harvard)

Through my time working with Princeton College Consulting, I have grown as both a student and as an individual and my writing, time management skills and character have developed massively! Through our work I developed a stronger sense of self; I learned how to place an emphasis on authenticity, finding what I really enjoy, and how to tell my story in a way that revealed who I am.

Most importantly, I came to understand that it’s ok to admit weakness and be vulnerable in my application essays, that universities don’t expect a superhuman applicant. My journey through the college process was a conduit for personal growth and development. For all of this and more, I highly recommend Princeton College Consulting to any prospective students and their families. Thank you so much for what you have done to teach and shape me on this voyage. I am eternally indebted.”

Neil S.
(Attending Princeton University)

"Princeton College Consulting
offered invaluable advice and strategies throughout the college application process. The opportunity to discuss ideas with an experienced counselor who helped me think through a series of steps  so that I could develop essays that were personal, intellectually complex, and unique was invaluable. I would highly recommend their services for students seeking guidance on their college applications."

AnnMarie M.
(Admitted to Drexel University 7-year combined Bachelor of Science/College of Medicine Program)

"I cannot thank you enough for all of the help you offered. To say I couldn’t have done it without you is an understatement.  You taught me how to become the best version of myself and how to tell my authentic story across all facets of the application process and especially my essays. The essays you helped me write, the detailed in-depth interview responses you helped me formulate would not have been so authentically personal and specific to me if it weren’t for your guidance and expertise. 

I have more to thank you for, though, than just being exceptionally good at your job. Princeton College Consulting connected with me and helped me learn things about myself that I never would have known. You pushed me to be my best and you believed that I would achieve my goal as long as I put in the work.

I wouldn’t have been admitted to a BSMD program without you. I’m beyond excited to start and I will of course keep you updated."

What You're Going To Get With This Program

Getting Started

In this module, we will provide context for the entire admissions process, explaining how the various factors work together. Highlights include:

  • The Role of Character in the College Admissions Process
  • What Colleges Are Looking For In Their Applicants

Module 1
Accumulating Your Content

In Accumulating Your Content, you will learn how to develop your personal statement topic, main theme, and secondary themes through two separate brainstorming exercises that will not only lead you to your ultimate topic and the main theme of your essay, but it will also help you begin to accumulate material that you will use in your personal statement. Highlights include:

  • Brainstorming Your Essays
  • How to Interpret the Common Application Prompts
  • What They’re Really Looking for in Your Essay Part I (Keys to adding additional secondary themes to your essay)
  • What They’re Really Looking for in Your Essay Part II (How to ensure you have an essay topic and theme that will stand out and that admissions committees will want to read about to the very end)

Module 2
Creating Your First Draft

You will learn to select the right structure for your essay, how to grab your reader’s attention, hold it through the body of your essay and then, how to close with a flourish. We will also deconstruct a series of essays for you so that you see how all of the elements we have discussed so far work together. Highlights include:

  • Story Idea to Story Part I: Structuring Your Essay
  • Story Idea to Story Part II: 3 Key Elements of Compelling Stories
  • Deconstructing Successful Essay Examples
  • Writing Your First Draft

Module 3
Elevating Your Personal Statement

We will show you simple techniques to help you revise and elevate your personal statement by determining if you are bringing the right level of focus to your essay. We will also show you how to add more depth to your essay and how to use key literary techniques to elevate your writing even further. Highlights include:

  • The Big Questions Revision
  • Coming to Life: You Are a Character Edit
  • Levelling up with Intellectual Vitality and Literary Techniques
  • The Final Edit and Declaring Victory

You Also Get These Amazing Bonuses!

When you purchase the Write Your Way Into College Program today,
your student will receive 3 additional bonuses!

Bonus #1

Resume Completion Guide & Template - We will provide a step-by-step guide that will take all of the guesswork out of how to create a compelling resume that will absolutely stand out from the crowd!

Bonus #2

Become a member of the Write Your Way Into College private Facebook group where you can meet and collaborate with other students working on their essays and where you can post questions for Ben & Peter to answer. 

Bonus #3

Attend three live Facebook Q&A sessions with Ben & Peter that will be based on Modules 1, 2, and 3 and where you will be able to ask them questions regarding your own essay writing process.

The Very Best Thing an Aspiring College-Bound Student Will Get Out of Taking
the Write Your Way Into College Program

Become the writer you never thought you could be and wow admissions committees with your ability to demonstrate who you are in a way that will maximize your probability of admission to your top choice colleges! 

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Maggie P. (Attending Syracuse University Newhouse/Whitman Dual Degree Program)

"Working with my Princeton College Consulting counselor was a personal and fascinating journey, not a mechanical college application program. I believe that the essence of applying and eventually going to university is discovering self-identity and self-worth, and trusting myself with my ability to achieve what I set out to do.  Princeton College Consulting gave me the tools and the guidance on how to best express who I am through my essays. I can’t think of or ask for a better experience of being very firmly supported by my counselor." 


Premium Quality Guarantee!

Write Your Way Into College is the most comprehensive, step-by-step Personal Statement writing program created for students who want to do more than just complete their essay. Rather, students' want to transform their writing such that they develop the confidence to write an essay that goes beyond what they imagined they were capable of. 

Within the first 14 days, if you feel the program is not working for you, reach out to us and provide us with your completed work for all exercises in Modules 1 and 2, which includes generating a first complete draft of your essay that builds on the completed exercises and we will be happy to refund your money.

Before this Program:
ANXIETY about College Admission

  • Your student is feeling uncertain about what college  admissions committees are really looking for in his personal statement
  • Your student is procrastinating getting started because she just isn't sure where to start
  • Your child lacks the confidence to move forward with conviction because he is concerned that his personal statement could be the weak link in his application

After this Program:
CONFIDENCE about College Admission

  • Your student will have discovered an extraordinary writer within who will write a personal statement that exceeds what he thought he was capable of and that will stand out from the crowd!
  • Your child will have produced an essay that she will remember for years to come!
  • Your student will be super confident that she has written a personal statement that will make admissions committees stand up and take notice!

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Through a simple unified step-by-step process we will help your student discover the extraordinary writer within so that he can write a personal statement that exceeds what he thought he was capable of and that will stand out from all the rest!

So come join us!  We’ll see you inside!

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